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FREE PUPIL PREMIUM ELIGIBILITY CHECK on Mon 1st and Tues 2nd Oct before and after school. ALL parents entitled to a FREE check. It's quick and easy. Please bring both parents national insurance numbers to complete the check. Prizes available for taking part including being entered in to a £100 PRIZE DRAW.Homework at Kings Road.pdf ready to download in the Parents section...We are immensely proud of our Headteacher, Mr. Morgan for becoming a Silver Award Winner for Headteacher of the Year!. We stand united at Kings Road.Primary.Attendance matters:Coming to school regularly makes a real difference to the achievement of our children....We have 15 hour and 30 hour places available in our Nursery for this year...Remember we have two school uniform suppliers for 2018 John McHugh (M32 8AE) and Elite School Uniforms (M16 7RN)...We are delighted to have received the Eco-Schools Bronze Award...Kings Road is Trafford's SCHOOL OF THE YEAR 2016 for sport. We are VERY PROUD!....Follow us on TWITTER @kingsroadcps...

Year 1

Sorting out the pack of cards into odd and even piles.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Sorting 3D shapes can be so much fun! Can you guess why?

Not the usual 3D block shapes

Not the usual 3D block shapes 1
Not the usual 3D block shapes 2
Not the usual 3D block shapes 3
Not the usual 3D block shapes 4
Not the usual 3D block shapes 5
Not the usual 3D block shapes 6
Lots of 3D shapes to be seen in our environment
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Our current topic is called 'The Carnival of the Animals'. We have been learning so much about so many different animals, it's been a real eye opener!

Today, we were looking at fish. We discussed in class lots of facts about fish and then we had to identify and label the 'features' of a fish. To help us, we took a trip down to our office reception area to have a look at our real fish. Here, we were able to point out the fishes features, such as their gills, tails, fins e.t.c. 

Our Beautiful Fish

Our Beautiful Fish 1
Our Beautiful Fish 2
Our Beautiful Fish 3
Our Beautiful Fish 4
Our Beautiful Fish 5
Our Beautiful Fish 6

Today, in pairs, we played a game. It was all about addition and subtraction in maths, and we had lots of fun! The game was called 'The Tallest Tower'.

First, we all made a tower using ten cubes. Next, we took it in turns to roll the dice and move forward that number of spaces. If we landed on an add square, we added that number of cubes to our tower. However, if we landed on a subtract square, we would have to take that many cubes from our tower. Whoever had the tallest tower at the end of the game was the winner!

Tallest Tower

Tallest Tower 1
Tallest Tower 2
Tallest Tower 3
Tallest Tower 4
Tallest Tower 5
Tallest Tower 6
Tallest Tower 7
Tallest Tower 8
Tallest Tower 9
Tallest Tower 10
Tallest Tower 11
Tallest Tower 12
Tallest Tower 13
Tallest Tower 14
Tallest Tower 15

Welcome to Year 1!


Our Year 1 teachers are Mrs Price, Mrs Smith and Miss Mairs.

Writers' Cafe

Last week, year 1S decided to take their writing outside to enable them to get a real taste of winter.
They visited the 'writers' cafe' where they each got a welcoming cup of hot chocolate to warm them up on such a cold winter's morning.
Year 1 then set about with their writing task which was to describe winter by using lots of adjectives.
Once they had edited their work, it was then displayed on the board back in the classroom.
Year 1 did an amazing job!

Year 1 Violin Concert Extravaganza !

Year 1 invade Yorkshire Sculpture Park !


Still image for this video