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Year 6

Hello and welcome to Year 6! 

We are lucky enough to be taught by Mrs Walls and Mr Roberts.

BIG ME Assembly

A Pizza Perfection!

A Pizza Perfection! 1
A Pizza Perfection! 2
A Pizza Perfection! 3
A Pizza Perfection! 4
A Pizza Perfection! 5
A Pizza Perfection! 6
A Pizza Perfection! 7
A Pizza Perfection! 8
A Pizza Perfection! 9
A Pizza Perfection! 10
A Pizza Perfection! 11
A Pizza Perfection! 12
A Pizza Perfection! 13
A Pizza Perfection! 14
A Pizza Perfection! 15

Sweet fantastic adverts!

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More chocfantastico advertisements!

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Our chocofabtastic advert!

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An Afternoon with a Poet

An Afternoon with a Poet 1 Year 6 having a session with David Mason
An Afternoon with a Poet 2 Enjoying Drama to inspire wiritng
Maya: revelations of an endless time at Liverpool. Year 6 had a great time and we learned lots of new facts about this ancient culture.

Recently in Year 6, we have been learning how to divide integers (whole numbers) by a two digit number. We were very pleased with our learning that we wanted to share with others just how easy dividing by a two digit number can be if you learn the method.


We used an app called 'Explain Everything' which easily lets you create a video and explain what you are doing on the page. Click on the link above and watch the videos  to share our learning and you to will be dividing by two digit numbers before you know it!

"Song written by Asha and Jaskieran"

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The Workhouse

Year 6 are currently studying the Victorians, using the book Street Child, written by Berlie Doherty as a stimulus for reading and writing. Recently, the children have had a small taste of what it would be like to live in a workhouse. Mr Roberts and Miss Salisbury acted as the school master and matron.  Take a look at our workhouse dramatization and the outstanding written work.

The Workhouse

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Year 6 Dance

A Victorian Street was very different to our streets today. Year 6 have produced a collaborative dance to music, using their understanding of: movement, sequence and timing to represent different types of people. See if you can spot the pickpockets from the maids and rich Victorian gentlemen. Enjoy!


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On Wednesday 9th July, KS2 participated in sports day. The children had a fantastic day,   with the heats in the morning and the finals in the afternoon. With ice pops and lots of cheering it was a day to remember! Enjoy 6S' recap of this brilliant day.

Sports Day

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Pizza Product

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For our persuasion topic, Aaqilah and her group designed a new pizza. They have thought of a name and price, see what you think.

Crazy Carl Head

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We enjoyed watching UP video clips for our fiction work. Idris designed a persuasive power point promoting a 'Carl head', see what you think.

Dragons Den

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We have been busy designing a new invention for our Dragon's Den Project. Sophia and her group had a fantastic idea. Would you buy this product?