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Excellence without Compromise

Imran Mughal



     Reach for the stars





   Excellence without compromise



Imran Mughal

Date of appointment 

June 2020

Term of office 

4 years

Who appointed you


Type of governor 

Parent Governor

Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 


Any family relationships 


We have to publicise your attendance at GB and committee meetings

A brief bit about your history 

Fully Qualified Accountant with experience working in the NHS in various finance roles. After 4 years working in finance, decided to pursue my career in graphic design  – currently working as a full-time Graphic Designer for a national Sports Charity – also worked as the wellbeing lead promoting and delivering art wellbeing sessions. Also teach art and design classes online!

A brief bit about your interests 

Traditional art and design, superheroes, classic cars and a genuine interest in endorsing positive wellbeing.

Which committees you are on