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Jo Holloway




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   Excellence without compromise



Jo Holloway

Date of appointment

1st Sept 19

Term of office 

1st Sept 19 – 31st Aug 23

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Type of governor 


Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 


Any family relationships 


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A brief bit about your history 

I am currently in my 15th Year of teaching, during this time I have lead each of the 3 primary key stages and taught across a range of year groups. I am a SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) with the TTSA with a specific focus on Assessment and Pupil Progress.

A brief bit about your interests

I enjoying hiking up mountains and love a picnic in wellies in the rain as does my little boy. Most of my interests are outdoor sports including canoeing, horse-riding and camping.

Which committees you are on


Buildings and Finance