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Primary School

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Late and absence procedures

At Kings Road Primary School, we believe that regular attendance is crucial if children are to benefit from their education and achieve their potential. In order for children to have good attendance, measure have been put in place to monitor and address concerns over attendance and absence.


We strongly discourage leave of absence during school time. All those with parental responsibility are accountable for the regular and punctual attendance of their children.


Reporting lateness


If you know you are running late to school, we ask that you please call Mrs Scott in the office to let us know as soon as you can – 0161 881 3571.


You can also leave a message on the answering machine at your earliest convenience.


· Pupils who arrive late but before the register has closed will be marked as late.

· Pupils who arrive after the register has closed at 9.10am will be marked as absent.

· Pupils who are late must report to Mrs Scott at the school office so their attendance can be recorded.

· Be aware of your gate closure for your child’s year group (these can be found in ‘school hours’).

· If your child’s gate is closed on arriving late to school, you must report to Mrs Scott in the office.

If your child is repeatedly late for school, parents will be contacted to remind you of the importance of being punctual each day and the impact that this has on your child. School will look to working with you to encourage good and consistent punctuality.


Reporting an absence due to illness


· Parents/carers must contact Mrs Scott in the office on the first day of absence to report the pupils absence and illness – 0161 881 3571. We ask that you do this by 8.30am.

· Parents/carers must contact Mrs Scott everyday following first day contact to keep the school updated as to the length of the absence through illness unless you have already indicated a duration of days that your child will be absent for.

· This information will be uploaded to the attendance register as soon as possible to inform the class teacher of the absence.

· If the school has not heard from the parent/carer and your child is absent, a first day absence call will be made by Mrs Scott to establish a reason for the absence.

· Mrs Scott will continue to make contact with you for each day of the absence if we have not heard from you and don’t have a legitimate reason for each day of the absence. This will be recorded as an unauthorised absence without a legitimate reason or we have significant concerns about your child’s attendance.

· If we have not been able to contact parents/carers after 2 days, then the absence will be recorded as unauthorized and other agencies may be informed as appropriate.


Reporting a Covid related absence 


Your child(ren) should self-isolate and NOT come to school if they; 


  • Have coronavirus symptoms or have tested positive  
  • Live with someone who has symptoms or have tested positive  
  • Are a close contact of someone who has tested positive 


Please report your child’s absence by contacting the school office 0161 881 3571 and/or emailing when this is outside of school hours to report a positive Covid result as soon as possible to inform us.



Reporting an absence for a medical/dental appointment


Parents are advised to book medical appointments outside of school hours where possible.


· Please notify the school office in advance of the appointment so that the attendance register can be amended to show why your child is not in school.

· Absence to attend a medical appointment will always be an authorised absence with the presentation of the medical appointment at the office. (This may become an unauthorised absence without a legitimate reason or we have significant concerns about your child’s attendance).

· When you collect your child for their appointment, you will be asked to sign them out on the entry system.

· Children should return back to school as soon as they have had their appointment.