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Manchester Utd Parking

Due to Covid restrictions all parking is suspended.

We are delighted to announce the opening of our school car park for Match Day and Event day Parking. During the match, our car park will be securely locked and patrolled by security staff. The carpark will open 2 hours before the match and after the match.The security staff will be on site throughout the game.


We will be charging £10 per car and £25 for a mini bus.


Below you will find the Manchester United Game fixtures, you can pay for your parking on the Parent Pay URL Link provided below which will then take you to a secure payment page where you will be able to pay for the match you would like to pay for.





January 2019 Fixtures


Sat 5th Jan. FA CUP vs Reading (Gates open 10 am and close at 1630hrs)

Sat 19 Jan. Man Utd v Brighton KO 15:00

Tue 29 Jan. Man Utd v Burnley KO 20:00


February 2019 Fixtures


Sat 23 Feb. Man Utd v Liverpool KO 15:00


March 2019 Fixtures


Sat 2 Mar. Man Utd v Southampton KO 15:00

Sat 16 Mar. Man Utd v Man City KO 15:00

Sat 30 Mar. Man Utd v Watford KO 15:00


April 2019 Fixtures


Champions League Quarter Final- Wednesday  10th April 2019 at 20.00hrs (Gates will open at 5.30pm and close at 11pm)


Sat 13 Apr. Man Utd v West Ham KO 15:00

Sat 27 Apr. Man Utd v Chelsea KO 15:00


May 2019 Fixtures


Sun 12 May. Man Utd v Cardiff KO 15:00


Manchester United Home Fixtures for 2019-20 Season        
All fixtures will be classed as TO BE CONFIRMED due to TV and Weather        
If you have paid for a particular game and it is cancelled your money will be be moved to the new fixture date        
  Date Opposition Kick off Time Competition
  25/01/2019 Possible Fixture 4th Round FA CUP
  04/03/2019 Possible Fixture 5th Round FA CUP
  07/03/2019 Manchester City 15:00 Premiership league
  11/08/2019 Chelsea 16:30 Premiership league
  24/08/2019 Crystal Palace 15:00 Premiership league
  14/09/2019 Leicester City 15:00 Premiership league
  19/09/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 1 Europa Cup
  28/09/2019 Arsenal 15:00 Premiership league
  03/10/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 2 Europa Cup
  19/10/2019 Liverpool 15:00 Premiership league
  24/10/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 3 Europa Cup
  07/11/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 4 Europa Cup
  09/11/2019 Brighton & Hove 15:00 Premiership league
  28/11/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 5 Europa Cup
  30/11/2019 Aston Villa 15:00 Premiership league
  03/12/2019 Tottenham 20:00 Premiership league
  12/12/2019 Possible Fixture Matchday 6 Europa Cup
  14/12/2019 Everton 15:00 Premiership league
  26/12/2019 Newcastle 15:00 Premiership league
  04/01/2020 Possible Fixture 3rd Round FA CUP
  11/01/2020 Norwich City 15:00 Premiership league
  21/01/2020 Burnley 20:00 Premiership league
  01/02/2020 Wolves 15:00 Premiership league
  20/02/2020 Possible Fixture Round 32/ 1st leg Europa Cup
  22/02/2020 Watford 15:00 Premiership league
  27/02/2020 Possible Fixture Round 32/ 2nd leg Europa Cup
  12/03/2020 Possible Fixture Round 16/ 1st leg Europa Cup
  19/03/2020 Possible Fixture Round 16/ 2nd Leg Europa Cup
  21/03/2020 Possible Fixture Quarter-Finals FA CUP
  21/03/2020 Sheffield Utd 15:00 Premiership league
  09/04/2020 Possible Fixture Quarter Finals/ 1st leg Europa Cup
  11/04/2020 Bournemouth 15:00 Premiership league
  16/04/2020 Possible Fixture Quarter Finals/ 2nd Leg Europa Cup
  25/04/2020 Southampton 15:00 Premiership league
  30/04/2020 Possible Fixture Semi-final/1st leg Europa Cup
  07/05/2020 Possible Fixture Semi-Final/ 2nd Leg Europa Cup
  09/05/2020 West Ham Utd 15:00 Premiership league
  TBC Possible Fixture 1st Round Carabao Cup
  TBC Possible Fixture 2nd Round Carabao Cup
  TBC Possible Fixture 3rd Round Carabao Cup
  TBC Possible Fixture 4th Round Carabao Cup
  TBC Possible Fixture Quarter-Finals Carabao Cup
  TBC Possible Fixture Semi-Finals Carabao Cup
  Carabao Cup still to be confirmed by The FA      




If you do not return within the 2 hour slot you would need to contact the on site security team on 07842671200 and would need to pay a penalty fee.