Kings Road

Primary School

Excellence without Compromise


We are proud to provide children with interactive and engaging French lessons from Y3-Y6. We believe that a foreign language is an important part of the learning offered at Kings Road. Lessons allow children not only a platform to develop initial French language skills but also the opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions, build confidence and engage in a wide variety of enjoyable activities.

Lessons at Kings Road are taught either by a specialist languages teacher (Mrs Bettles) or the children’s class teacher and follow the Cave Languages scheme of work. We focus initially on the oral development of the language providing children plenty of opportunities to listen and speak French and practise the phonics of French along the way. Lessons are full of songs, games and stories to embed this language. Written elements of the language are also introduce as children progress with their understanding.

We hope for all children to leave Kings Road with an enthusiasm for language learning and the skills to become life-long language learners in their futures.