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Excellence without Compromise

Mirza Asif




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Excellence without compromise



Dr. Mirza Asif

Date of appointment

26th Nov 2012

Term of office 

10th Jul 17 – 9th Jul 21

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A brief bit about your history 

I am a co-opted member of the Governing Body at Kings 

Road Primary School. My son attended the school from Reception to Yr6 (he left last year and misses the teachers and staff greatly!). I enjoy being part of the Governing Body and, as my wife is a teacher, I am really, really aware of how hard teachers work! Contributing to the school community is important to me and I feel privileged that I can continue to do this in my capacity as a Governor. 


I have been a Telescope Array Controller at Jodrell Bank Observatory (part of the University of Manchester's Physics & Astronomy department) for the last 20 years during which time I have also published several research papers. I work in the Control Room and drive the 76 metre Lovell Radio Telescope and other telescopes that we have across England that form the e-merlin array.

Previous to this, I worked and studied for my PhD at the Issac Newton Group of Telescopes on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands for 6 years. My interest in Astronomy was sparked when my Dad bought me a telescope when I was 10 years old.

A brief bit about your interests

Spending time with family. Going out for Coffees, Cinema (especially Sci-Fi) and concerts (especially Progressive Rock!).

Which committees you are on

  • Curriculum
  • Link Governor – Science