Kings Road

Primary School

Excellence without Compromise

Social & Emotional Team


Inclusion and Pastoral Team

Purpose: To support the wellbeing and mental health of Team KR.

Mrs J Whiteside

Child & Family Mentor






Miss K Meenagh








Miss V Hodges

Phonics & early reading







Miss N Patel

Speech & Language

Teaching Assistant











Mrs B Scott

Attendance Officer & Mentor








Mrs S Abbas

‘Stretch & Challenge’





Miss G Hollywood-Summers

Writing Lead





‘Hub’ Team

Mrs J Whiteside

Mrs A Leech

Miss L Ingleson

Mr  D Hughes

Mrs F Butt

Mrs S Howard

Healthy Lifestyles Leader







‘Wellbeing’ Team

Mr A Norman

Mr R Edwards

Mrs S Howard

Mrs J Whiteside

Miss L McCarrick

Miss L Grimsley

Mr D Morgan

Mr N Conley

PE teacher & sports clubs