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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Meet the team

Ms Kaemena, Mrs Gibson and Mr Allcock are our Year 1 teachers.

Miss Shaban and Mrs Gallon are our Teaching Assistants. They work across the three Year 1 classes.

Mrs Price teaches each Year 1 class for a morning or an afternoon on a Thursday and a Friday.

Mrs. Waqar works across KS1 supporting children with EAL.



Important Information

1. Please clearly label every item of clothing that your child brings in to school, we can not return clothing which has not been labelled.


2. The gate opens at 8:45 am. Your child will be marked as late if they arrive after 9am. Your child should be collected from their classroom at 3:15pm.

IMPORTANT- these timings will change during September 2020, and possibly beyond. Please look on Class Dojo for your child's class details.


3. Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed, this includes suitable shoes which are comfortable and keep their little feet warm and dry, and a warm and waterproof coat.


4.Please teach your child to tie their own laces and their own school tie. Whilst we will support them in this, we can not tie 30 ties and 60 shoe laces each PE lesson!



Please can we encourage children to come into school wearing their P.E kit in to school on a Wednesday.


PE kits should include

· White t-shirt

· Black pumps for indoor P.E

· Trainers for outdoor P.E

· Black or navy short for indoor P.E

· Black or navy leggings or jogging bottoms for outdoor P.E

· A jumper or hooded top to wear outside if it is chilly.


Home Readers

Reading is crucial to the development of all children’s basic skills. Reading is taught in a well planned, well structured way, and our daily PHONICS sessions help children to learn new sounds and practise their skills.

Children often feel more motivated to read when there is someone sitting with them, as they feel like they can 'show off’ their reading skills while asking for help if they are stuck on a word.

Reading aloud also helps to develop understanding of punctuation, develop use of expression and improve fluency. These are vital skills in reading development. Time spent between a child and their parent at home is invaluable. Therefore, in KS1, we expect that all children read for a minimum of 5-10 minutes at least 5 times a week.


In KS1, all of our children bring home a home reader book and a phonics reading back based on where they are in phonics.

In Year 1 books are changed once a week. We encourage children to develop their confidence, expression and comprehension skills. Your child will need to read the same book 4-5 times in order to develop these skills effectively. Check class dojo to see what your class books are changed.


Night 1: Read the book to your child, using expression and fluency. You are modelling good reading.

Night 2: Share read the same book. You read a page, then your child reads a page, reading the book aloud with confidence and expression. Focus on any tricky words with your child.

Night 3: Your child reads the whole book to you, reading with increased fluency and expression.

Night 4: Your child reads the book again, tackling any tricky words more confidently, and reading fluently and with expression. Talk to your child about the book- ask them what they like or dislike and to give a detailed reason.

Night 5: Ask you child some questions about the book they have read, Can they answer the questions you have asked?



Common Exception Words are words in which the English spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way. As a minimum, your child needs to aim to read and to spell the Year 1 words during the year.






Useful Resources

Purple Mash and Education City- both websites offer a range of learning opportunities for your child from across the curriculum.

You will need your child's personal login details to access these.


Epic Reading is a new online reading resource. Your child will have a unique class code link to your child's class teacher. Please message your child's class teacher on class dojo for the unique code. 


Here are some other useful resources to support your learning at home.


Lots of learning opportunities from across the curriculum.


Great for Maths activities and games.


Another good website for Maths games.


We use this excellent resource in school. There are free games to play without the need to subscribe.


A fantastic website full of stories.