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Year 2


We have a fantastic team of dedicated staff in Year 2. Our team includes four class teachers and three teaching assistants:


Mrs Hoodless and Mrs Grant teaches 2HG.

Mr Edwards teaches 2E.

Mrs Ingleson teaches 2I.

Ms Evans, Miss Lam and Ms Rahman support these three classes.


We will all work tirelessly to be the best that we can be for your children.


Ask your child to name as many staff as they can. Can they describe what we look like too?


Important Information

1. Please clearly label every item of clothing that your child brings in to school, we can not return clothing which has not been labelled.


2. Classroom doors open at 8:50 am. Your child will be marked as late if they arrive after 9am. Your child should be collected from their classroom at 3:15pm.


3. Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed, this includes suitable shoes which are comfortable and keep their little feet warm and dry, and a warm and waterproof coat.


4.Please teach your child to tie their own laces and their own school tie. Whilst we will support them in this we can not tie 30 ties and 60 shoelaces each PE lesson!





In KS1 we teach PE twice a week, sometimes this is taught by Mr Connelly and sometimes it is taught by the class teacher. Although each class has specific PE days please can we encourage you to bring your child's P.E kit in to school on a Monday and leave it here for the full week, that way you don’t need to remember specific days and if additional events are planned your child will always have the correct clothing.

PE kits should include

· White t-shirt

· Black pumps for indoor P.E

· Trainers for outdoor P.E

· Black or navy short for indoor P.E

· Black or navy leggings or jogging bottoms for outdoor P.E

· A jumper or hooded top to wear outside if it is chilly.

PE days:

2B: Tuesday & Friday

2K: Wednesday & Thursday

2H: Monday & Thursday



Home Readers

Reading is crucial to the development of all children’s basic skills. Reading is taught well in KS1 and our daily phonics sessions help children to learn new sounds and practise their skills.

Children often feel more motivated to read when there is someone sitting with them, they feel like they can 'show off’ their reading skills while asking for help if they are stuck on a word. Did you know that reading aloud also helps to develop understanding of punctuation, develop use of expression and improve fluency. These are vital skills in reading development. Time spent between a child and their parent at home is invaluable. Therefore, in KS1 we expect that all children read for a minimum of 5-10 minutes at least 5 times a week.


In KS1 all of our children bring home a home reader book.

In Year 2 books are changed once a week. We encourage children to develop their confidence, expression and comprehension skills. Your child will need to read the same book 4-5 times in order to develop these skills effectively.

Night 1: Read the book and identify any new or tricky words.

Night 2: Rehearse reading the book aloud with confidence and expression.

Night3: Read the book with increased fluency and expression.

Night 4: Talk to you about the book, what they like or dislike and give a detailed reason.

Night 5: It would be really helpful if you could ask you child some questions about the book they have read, Can they answer the questions you have asked?





Common Exception Words are words in which the English spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way. They are not words for which phonics 'doesn't work', but they may be exceptions to spelling rules, or words which use a particular combination of letters to represent sound patterns in a rare or unique way.



Following the success of using study guides as homework books in year 2 last year, we are going to continue to use study guides as homework this year. These books are produced by CGP, a reputable study aid company and support the skills that your child needs.


The books are to be returned each Thursday when we will go through each task. Your child will then bring them home each Friday with a new selection of pages to complete.

Please remember: Only do the specific pages your child has been asked to complete, allow your child to work independently as much as possible and where your child has needed your support, please write S next to the activity.

Your child should work in pencil only.


Having completed their SATs, our Year 2 pupils have been enjoying our Heroes and Sheroes topic. From solving superhero challenges in maths and creating our own superhero comics, to thinking about the real life heroes in our own lives, our Summer Term has been non stop!

Last year our Year 2 pupils enjoyed learning about Space! We even witnessed a solar eclipse which was spectacular! Enjoy our facts about the first man to step foot on the moon.

In Year 2 the children have been learning all about Nocturnal Animals. As part of their work they used  Pic Collage and Morfo apps to create this video.


Reading is the key to unlocking the whole curriculum and inspiring your child to engage with and explore the meaning in everything they see.  It is important that you nurture their acquisition of early language and encourage them to read and demonstrate their reading to you as much as possible.  They will have multiple opportunities to read a wide range of books which could take them to fantasy lands with mystical creatures or oceans and seas where they will learn new and exciting facts that generate more enthusiasm for reading.  

You must help your child by reading with them for at least 15 minutes per day.  While the reading books we send home are important and need to be read, this reading could be in any form that your child wishes.  By doing this you will be giving your child the maximum opportunity to engage and be inspired by our amazing, but challenging, opportunities.


Your child is an inspirational, creative and amazing writer who is building their confidence and ready to unleash the wonderful words on the world.  Each fortnight they work hard to understand new grammatical concepts and learn challenging spellings that they can include in their work.  You can help by practising their spellings with them and celebrating their ability to use their fantastic new vocabulary in context.



Every child in our lovely year group is a mathematician. We are currently working hard on understanding place value, addition and subtraction.  To help your child you could practise counting on and counting back from any number between 0 and 100.


Science is everywhere and is a core component of the National Curriculum.  Our children get multiple opportunities to explore and investigate interesting and fantastic new concepts throughout the year.  We will explore the deep, dark world of microhabitats and the creatures that live there; the various habitats around the world reaching from the Grasslands of Africa to the frozen tundras of the Arctic.  We will investigate the uses of everyday materials and how we can manipulate them to be practical parts of our life and will explore how our bodies work and how changes in state effect our organs.  To help, you can ask your children to explain different concepts and allow them to present their understanding in different ways.