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Darren Morgan




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Darren Morgan

Date of appointment 

1st September 2015

Term of office 


Who appointed you

Assumed with appointment

Type of governor 


Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 

Employed by Trafford as Headteacher

Any family relationships 


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A brief bit about your history 

I am father to three beautiful children, Ellie, Mathew and Luke.  Kings Road is the fifth school I have worked in.  I started as a teacher at St Wilfrid’s in Warrington, in my 4th year I moved to be the deputy Headteacher of a small rural school called Hollesley in Suffolk.  Next I was the deputy of Park View in Knowsley before being appointed as Headteacher of Lindow Primary School in Wilmslow.

A brief bit about your interests

Most importantly, my children.  I also play table tennis for Stretford Eagles and captain the interleague side.  I am a setter for Congleton Volleyball club and a drummer for a Headband.  I enjoy (but am shocking at) golf and play not enough football due to 8 knee operations.  I go to church and support the 1999 treble winners.

Which committees you are on

  • Finance/buildings
  • Personnel
  • Curriculum