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Online Safety



Use these links to keep yourself safe online

CEOP - Cyber-Cafe Thinkuknow resources exploring aspects of online communication.

CEOPCaptain Kara and Winston's Smart Crew Cartoons illustrating the smart rules.


Safety Net Kids - Safety Net Kids Online Top 10 tips for staying safe online.


BBC - Lonely Princess  BBC Newsround special with Video “Caught in the Web”.

  BBC - CBBC Stay Safe  Guidance, resources, videos and quiz.

Safer Internet Day 2021


Can you trust everything you read online? Please take a look at some of these internet safety resources. 


Barefoot Live - Safer Internet Day Special

Join Dr Chips and Ms Lieghio for a Safer Internet Day live special! They'll be sharing the freshly revamped 'Cyber Snakes' activity for pupils aged 5 - 7 and...