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Excellence without Compromise

Leah Grimsley


Reach for the stars

                              Excellence without compromise



Leah Grimsley

Date of appointment

September 2015

Term of office


Who appointed you


Type of governor

Associate – No voting right on committees

Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests

I am employed as Deputy Headteacher at Kings Road

Any family relationships


We have to publicise your attendance at GB and committee meetings


A brief bit about your history

I have worked in education for some 20 years in many different roles, including as a school governor and for the last 11 years, I have been a Deputy Headteacher. I absolutely love my job and find it an utter privilege to be a part of such a diverse community and working with the children, parents and staff at Kings Road.  I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of our young people.  I find my role as a parent governor at my sons' primary school equally as a rewarding and brings a different perspective to both my roles as a school governor.


A brief bit about your Interests

I love spending time with my family and enjoy nothing more than being outdoors for a good, muddy wellie walk!  

Which committees you are on

Building and Finance

  • Finance and buildings
  • Curriculum
  • Personnel