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Smart School Council

What is the Smart School Council?


The Smart School Council is an important team, full of talented members who try their best to truly make the school a better place to learn and grow; and of course, to make Kings Road a fun and happy school to be a part of. We ask for people’s opinions (pupils and staff) on how the school is run and by referring to them, we hope to make sensible, yet satisfying changes to the school.


At Kings Road, we believe that everyone’s voice is important and the Smart School Council ensures that we listen and respond to everyone’s voices.


Our Smart School Council is helping our young people to:


· Learn to work together

· Learning about democracy and pupil voice

· Learning about how to play a positive role in our community


It is for everyone in our school, helping pupils to:


· Find things they want to change

· Come up with ways to make them better

· Put those ideas into action

· See what works (evaluating)


By being a member of our Smart School Council our pupils develop social skills and give them experience of being part of a team that makes a difference. It helps pupils get involved with school life and allows them to be more engaged in a positive school community.


Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people should have a say in decisions that affect their lives. Smart School Council also provides a meaningful way in which our pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. It allows pupils be involved with a democratic community, teaches them about British Values and also brings life skills to the forefront of their school lives




Smart School Council is an important and useful way for Kings Road to provide leadership and development opportunities for all of our pupils. It is an excellent way in which to increase participation, teaching our pupils about democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability.


Mission Statement


Our Smart School Council aim is to make our school stand out. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part in school life, to make sure that everyone can voice their ideas and encourage all pupils to get involved’.


Why did we have an Election?


There are many talented pupils at Kings Road (far too many to choose from) so, because of this, we decided to hold an election, where pupils completed an application form and spoke about their skills and attributes, as well as changes they wanted to add to the school. Pupils from each class in years 3 to 6 decided which candidate was most suitable for the role and voted. One representative was then elected in each class forming our Communication Team.


Meet our Smart School Council




Who was Elected and roles?


Communication Team Members Summer 2023




Team role


Khadija Abubakar


Question finder


Imaan Ikram


Action team developer


Maria Razwan


Progress board updater


Zara Rehman


Class meeting tool leader


Imaani Pacha


Staff liaison


Amaya Noor Hussain


Class meeting tool leader


Chloe Ankarah


Action team developer


Alkaka Elfagih


Progress board updater


Ameerah Mohammed


Class meeting tool leader


Asma Hussain


Staff liaison


Ka’im Bham


Action team developer


Kieron Lazarus


Question finder


There are three core parts to our Smart School Council :


1. The Communication Team – the important group of class representatives that help to run the model

2. Class Meetings – pupils lead these using the class meeting tool

3 Action Teams - groups that are set up to run an activity, event or new idea!