Kings Road

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Excellence without Compromise

Pauline Grady


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         Excellence without compromise


Pauline Grady

Date of appointment 


Term of office 


Who appointed you 


Type of governor 


Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 

Finance Officer at Kings Road

Any family relationships



A brief bit about your history

I am married with 2 grown up children both of whom work with children, my son is a project worker in the third sector and my daughter is a primary school teacher. My favourite pass times are Zumba Read and swimming.


I have worked in finance, administration and personnel in most of my roles over the years. In my last post, I worked as an Administration Manager for 18 years in a children’s charity which worked with vulnerable children and young people.  

I was both excited and delighted to be appointed as the School Business Manager in September 2018 and continue to thoroughly enjoy working in a supportive role with my colleagues at Kings Road, the children and their families.



A brief bit about your interests 

Zumba, Read and swimming.

Which committees you are on

Finance and buildings