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Children are invited to wear their Christmas jumpers on 13th December......We are looking to recruit Casual Midday's - if you would be interested in applying and for further information/application form please speak to Pauline Grady, School Business Manager, at the main office......There are spaces available in our full time nursery class both for families eligible for 30 funded hours and also those families wanting to pay to increase from the universal 15 hours up to 30 hours. Pauline and Alison in the school office can assist families with this.....Well Done to the Bev Lee Winners, you can have a look at our Bev Lee pictures on our notice board ........For the second year running Kings Road has been shortlisted as primary school of the year for the whole of Greater Manchester! .... Follow us on our school Twitter @kingsroadcps for all our updates

KR Staff Members

Come and meet our KR staff members at our school!

Miss Hussain - Full time Nursery Class Teacher (currently on maternity)

Miss Hussain teaches in our full time Nursery.


Miss Baker- Full time Nursery Class Teacher

Is Currently our Full time Nursery Teacher, covering Miss Hussain whilst she is on maternity leave.


Mrs Smith - Part time Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Smith teaches in our morning and afternoon Nursery.


Mrs Anderson - Reception Class Teacher ( currently on maternity)

Mrs Anderson is one of our Reception teachers and has responsibility for managing Design Technology in KS1 and KS2. 


Miss Jokhia - Reception Class Teacher

Miss Jokhia teaches in one of our Reception classes and works on the Science team.


Mr Norman - Reception Teacher

Mr Norman is one of the Reception teachers, he is currently covering Mrs Andersons Maternity.  Mr Norman is the extra-curricular lead.


Miss Hodges - Reception Teacher and Assistant Head EYFS

Miss Hodges teaches in our Nursery.


Mrs Kaemena - Year 1 Teacher and Music Coordinator.

Mrs Kaemena  is a Year 1 teacher.


Miss Mairs - Year 1 Teacher

Miss Mairs is our Art and Display Manager. 


Mr Allcock- Year 1 class Teacher.

Mr Allcock is one of our year 1 teacher and is the ICT Coordinator


Mrs Hoodless - Year 2 Teacher - Assistant Head KS1

Mrs Hoodless is one of the Year 2 teachers and the Leader of Upper Key Stage 1.


Mrs Grant - Year 2 Teacher

who works alongside with Mrs Hoodless.


Mrs Ingleson - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Ingleson joined our staff in September 2012.Before teaching at Kings Road she worked in Foundation Stage at another Trafford School.


Mrs Buckingham- Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Buckingham is one of the Year 2 teachers.


Mr Roberts - Year 3 Teacher

Mr Roberts is a Year 3 teacher at Kings Road. His favourite subjects are Maths, Computing and Geography. He loves playing sport, especially football, and his favourite team is Manchester United.


Mrs Warburton - Year 3 - Assistant Head KS2 Lower Juniors

Mrs Warburton is an Assistant Headteacher and the Leader of Lower Key Stage 2. She enjoys sport and manages our Maths curriculum.


Mrs Ford- Year 3 Teacher.

Mrs Ford is one of our year 3 teachers who works alongside Mrs Warburton.


Mrs Abbas- Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Abbas is one of our Year 3 teachers.


Ms Ross - Year 4 Teacher

Ms Ross joined the staff at Kings Road in September 2011 and she teaches a Year 4 Class. Ms Ross really enjoys teaching history. Her favourite food is pasta, and she loves going to the beach. Ms Ross enjoys gardening and cooking, and her favourite colour is green.


Mrs Howard - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Howard is one of the Year 4 teachers. She has taught at Kings Road for just over seven years.


Miss Glasgow - Year 4 Teacher

Miss Glasgow is one of the Year 4 teachers and works along Mrs Howard.


Miss Cooper - Year 4 Teacher and Geography Coordinator

Mrs Cooper is a Year 4 teacher.


Miss Hollywood-Summers- Year 5 Teacher

Miss Hollywood-summers is one of our Year 5 teachers, she loves travelling and has spent a Year teaching in Australia.


Mrs Qazi- Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Qazi is one of our Year 5 teachers.


Miss Barlow- Year 5 Teacher.

Miss Barlow is one of Year 5 teachers.


Mrs Walls - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Walls is the Key Stage 2 Literacy Coordinator. Mrs Walls has been at Kings Road for 14 years! She loves teaching English. Mrs Walls really enjoys eating pakoras, and practising her Zumba! Her favourite place to visit is Disneyland, and her favourite colour is black.


Miss Holloway - Year 6- Assistant Head for Upper KS2.

Mrs Holloway is our Assistant Head for Upper KS2.


Mr Edwards - Year 6 Teacher

Mr Edwards teaches in Year 6.


Mr Conley - Specialist PE Teacher

Mr Conley is our PE teacher.


Mrs Bettles- MFL Teacher

Mrs Bettles is our MFL teacher and teaches from Year 3 to Year 6. Her favourite subjects are languages and music, but she also really enjoys writing stories. Mrs Bettles loves travelling and used to be a teacher in China and in Togo, West Africa.


Mrs Price - Teacher

Mrs Price works throughout Key Stage 1 teaching and giving the other teachers time to plan and prepare their lessons.


Miss Meenagh -  SENCO

Miss Meenagh is the SENCO coordinator

Tel: 0161 881 3571  Email:


Miss Patel- Speech and Language Coordinator.























































Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S Singh- Lunchtime Organiser
Mrs F Ahmed
Mrs N Ahmed
Mrs M Bailey
Mrs L Glaister

Mrs S Noman
Mrs S Khokhar
Mrs B Singh
Mrs D Logan
Mrs E Wilson

Mrs S Singh

Miss Lyn Anderson

Mrs Eileen Matthews


Office Staff

Miss A Wrigley  - Office Manager

Mrs  P Grady - School Business Manager
Mrs S Kour - Reprographics Technician
Mrs B Scott - Learning Mentor & Parent Liaison Officer

Miss K Wright- Receptionist

Site Maintenance Staff


Mrs Logan - Cleaning Team Member
Mrs Matthews - Cleaning Team Member
Mrs Bailey - Cleaning Supervisor
Mr I Fitton  - Site Manager

Mr J Lingley- Assistant Site Manager

Support Staff

Mrs J Whiteside - Parental Support & Liaison
Mrs KA Zaidi - ICT Network Administrator and Technician

Mrs Khurram Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Miss Evans - Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Mrs Fuller - Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Mrs Gallon - Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Mrs Grant - Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Mrs Shaban - Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Miss Patel - Speech and Language Support - Whole School
Miss Latief - Key Stage 2 Learning Support

Miss McCarrick Key Stage 2 Learning Support

Miss Lam - Key Stage 1 Learning Support & Key Stage 2 Art Teacher

Mrs Roath- 1 to 1 SEN Support

Mrs Burke- 1 to 1 SEN Support

Mrs Butt- 1 to 1 SEN Support

Miss Johnston 1 to 1 SEN Support

Miss Machin- 1 to 1 SEN Support

Mrs Hisham 1 to 1 SEN Support

Mrs Nasir Key Stage 2 Learning Support
Mrs Skilling - Key Stage 1 Learning Support

Miss Shaban - Key Stage 1 Learning Support
Mrs Waqar - Key Stage 1 Learning Support

Mr Bartram - Key Stage 1 Learning Support

Mrs Leech - Key Stage 1 Learning Support

Miss P Kaur - EYFS Class Learning Support
Miss Anwar - EYFS Class Learning Support

Miss S Barnes EYFS Class Learning Support

Miss M Sinclair 1 to 1 SEN Support Learning Support

Mrs Khan - Nursery Learning Support