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IGNITE Maps and Knowledge of Kings organisers

Welcome to the home of Nursery's learning. We use IGNITE maps and Knowledge Organisers to guide our learning but each day is lead by the children. We pride ourselves in our ability and dedication to follow the interests of our children, immersing them in high quality, first hand experiences. 



 IGNITE maps and 'The Knowledge of Kings' learning organisers.

Here you will find a brief outline of what will be covered in the form of an IGNITE map. Ignite maps enable us to plan for portable learning across the curriculum. Each topic begins with an 'ignition' a launch to entice our children into each exciting learning journey.  

Underneath to the map, you will also find the Knowledge of Kings Knowledge Organiser for that term. We must encourage you to read this and familiarise yourself with the vocabulary as a prior learning tool. In the organisers, you will see a  'Royal Charter' section. This is also a very important tool for learning as it includes subject specific knowledge that must stick to enable life-long learning

 What will I be learning about in Autumn?

 What will I be learning about in Spring?

What will I be learning about in Summer?