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Excellence without Compromise

Diane Jarman



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     Excellence without compromise



Diane Marie Jarman

Date of appointment


Term of office 


Who appointed you

Governing body

Type of governor 


Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests

I am employed by Lancashire County Council as a Catering manager.

Any family relationships 

My husband is also a governor at KR 

We have to publicise your attendance at GB and committee meetings

A brief bit about your history 

I work as a Catering manager in a high school. I have worked in a few schools as well as a hospital. I have also attended college to do courses in Social work, Pyschology, Catering and Running an After schools club.

A brief bit about your interests 

I have 6 children and 14 grandchildren who I enjoy spending time with. I also enjoy cooking, travelling and holidays.

Which committees you are on