Kings Road

Primary School

Excellence without Compromise


Reading at Kings Road

At Kings Road we teach phonics following the DFE 'Letters and Sounds' principles which concentrate on activities to promote speaking and listening skills, phonological awareness and oral blending. This supports children with word reading skills and spelling. We also use materials from the 'Jolly Phonics' scheme to supplement teaching. 

KS1 Reading scheme


Phonetically decodable books


  • Oxford Reading Tree (Songbirds, ProjectX, Floppy's Phonics)
  • Rising Stars - Reading Planet
  • Dandelion Readers - Collins 'Big Cat' phonics
  • Pearson Phonics
  • Pearson - 'Bug Club' (phonics & reading online)


Reading scheme books


  • Oxford Reading Tree ( ProjectX, Tree Tops)
  • Collins 'Big Cat'
  • Dorling Kindersley