Kings Road

Primary School

Excellence without Compromise

Whole School Curriculum

Please read each section below about the unique offer of vibrant learning we have here at Kings Road Primary School. We pride ourselves in our bespoke approach to teaching and learning. Our curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of our children and encompasses our values and experiences. The curriculum for each subject area can be found in each of the long term plans.


Each subject has a section:


Section 1 - Learning Ladders

Here you will find each subjects' meticulously designed progression journey from EYFS to Year 6. Each year being a carefully laid step that leads to a path of life long learning.


Section 2-The Long Term Plan

Here you will see each subjects' long term plan across all 8 year groups. 


Section 3-The Memorandum of Understanding

Using the OFSTED model for a subject's judgement, The Memorandum of Understanding shows you where the subject is in terms of its health. This is closely monitored and changed every year in collaboration with the subject lead, the Headteacher and Deputy headteacher.


Section 4 - Expectations & Processes

Here you will find each subjects individual approach to teaching and learning.


Section 5- The 3 I's

Here you will find each subjects Intent, Implementation and Impact statements:


Intent is our plan of what we want pupils to know and be able to do.

Implementation is how we will deliver this at a classroom level.

Impact is about how we know what we are doing is making a difference to all of our pupils.


Section 6-  Action Plan

 Here you will find each subject leaders' Action Plan for their area.


Section 7- Subject Policy