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Excellence without Compromise

David Jarman




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Excellence without compromise



David Paul Jarman

Date of appointment


Term of office 

02/03/20 - 01/03/24

Who appointed you

Trafford Council

Type of governor 

Local Education Authority (LEA)

Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 


Any family relationships 

My wife is also a governor at KR

We have to publicise your attendance at GB and committee meetings

A brief bit about your history 

I retired in 2020 after working for 45 years as an Engineer in the Railway Industry. I have been an elected Councillor in Longford ward, Trafford, since 1991. I am currently Chair of Trafford’s Licensing committee and have previously been a governor at 3 other local schools.

A brief bit about your interests 

I enjoy reading and listening to music. I like most sports particularly football and cricket. I was a keen marathon runner when I was younger and fitter but now just jog to keep fit as well as walking my dogs. I’m also keen on politics and current affairs.

Which committees you are on

  • personnel