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Excellence without Compromise

Peter O'Keefe




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Excellence without compromise



Peter O’Keefe

Date of appointment 

15th Jan 2015

Term of office 

11th Mar 19 – 10th Mar 23

Who appointed you


Type of governor 


Relevant Business or Pecuniary Interests 

I am a governor at Northenden Primary School.

Any family relationships 


We have to publicise your attendance at GB and committee meetings

A brief bit about your history 

I worked for the whole of my career, teaching, in Manchester. In addition to leading a school, served on the Education Committee, a national advisory body, local NEU officer, education appeals, and tribunal member. Supplementary Magistrate on the Greater Manchester Bench. Now governor at two primary schools.

A brief bit about your interests 

As a governor I aim to support the school professional staff in ensuring that all children have a positive, developmental, and enjoyable experience of education, regardless of their academic ability.

Interests Mainly education, still! politics, history, closet classic car, and steam railway enthusiast

Which committees you are on

  • Chair of Governors
  • Curriculum (chair)
  • Finance and buildings (chair)
  • Personnel (chair)
  • Pay review
  • Safeguarding