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Platinum Jubilee Events

Platinum Jubilee Events

During our half term holidays, the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee are due to take place. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the British throne for 70 years which is longer than any other British monarch. At Kings Road we think this is something to celebrate and therefore we have a number of things planned.

Holiday Homework
The whole school has the same ‘talking’ homework during the holidays. We would like the children to watch some of the events celebrating the Platinum Jubilee on television (or live if anything is happening near you) and discuss it with an adult. What can we see? Why is it happening? How do you think everyone is feeling? Who are the people involved? If anyone wants to do more, you could produce an non chronological report on the event.

First week back after the holidays 13/6 – 17/6
After the holidays each year group has been given a decade of the Queen’s reign to investigate and explore. We plan to produce a giant timeline in the old hall. The week will finish with a whole school picnic and celebration assembly, out on the field on the Friday afternoon. We will be asking the children to
• bring in a small plate of food for themselves to enjoy during the picnic (not for sharing)
• wear red, white and blue